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Samantha Wallen, MFA

Writer. Speaker. Mentor.

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Welcome, Writer. I’m grateful you are here.

Write In Power is a growing movement of conscious people who commit to writing into the core wounds and brilliance of their lives in order to claim their fundamental value, live in abiding self-trust, AND create a book!

  • Are you ready to write that book or write your way into the heart of more clarity, joy, possibility, and wealth NOW rather than someday?
  • Do you hold yourself back because it’s easier than taking the risk to let yourself be seen, possibly rejected, or told you don’t matter?
  • Have you made it through a challenging, life-altering transition and want to reveal and share your tender wisdom with others who might be lost in your kind of suffering?

It’s time to come home to the truth that:

  • You’re already a writer!
  • You have a compelling voice!
  • You matter and have a valuable contribution to make!

It’s time to come home to and share the powerful gift of your story.

When you do, you access your Power—which is your ability to live and express fully the truth, joy, clarity, potency, possibility, and abundance that is ALWAYS present in your life.

And yes…absolutely yes, writing can get you there…let me show you how…

All you need to begin is one word…it can set you FREE!


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